Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Heart Buttons

I have been trying on and off for a few weeks now to come up with a quick and easy way to make heart shaped 2 hole buttons that were consistent in shape and not too thick. Several attempts later with buttons being broken as they stuck to the mandrels I have finally have got something to show that I am happy with. Once I have done the Honiton Show next week I will be adding them to my etsy shop for you to buy ;-)

My daughter Megan is the one responsible for setting me off down this path as she wanted some for a project she has been working on, making brooch/hairclips featuring my "seconds" buttons as there were a few mounting up and she felt they didn't deserve to be shoved in a box. This is what she has done with them which I think is rather cute.

She has also made flower shaped ones with a round button in the centre and butterfly shaped ones with a long narrow bead as the body. I'm hoping to be able to sell a few at the show next week.

Helen x

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