Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Sunday

Well here I am killing time until tea is ready, which incidently smells lush even if I say so myself :-)

This morning my hubby was up early to go an collect 3 of his 4 children to come and stay with us, it's been aaaaaages since I saw them so was looking forward to their return.

As I was awake early for a Sunday I made the most of it and headed studio bound at about 8:30am!! Yesterdays kiln haul was nice and satisfying and I set about filling her up (the kiln, I've yet to name her - suggestions welcome) again.

I have been working on some new style buttons, much simpler and therefore cheaper than my "usual" buttons so hopefully they will be well received. The first time I tried this design they all stuck to the mandrels and came of in 2-3 pieces :-/ so fingers crossed I have overcome that issue!

As I feel it necessary to add a picture to any blog post to make it more appealing I thought I'd show those of you that don't know, what my beadies look like fresh from the kiln.

Have a lovely Sunday evening whatever you are up to

Helen xx

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