Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was my 39th birthday, party time next year! I had a great time as we went to Edinburgh for the weekend with our friends Sara and Steve. We ate very well and one of the nicest meals for me was afternoon tea at the Balmoral Hotel. Is anyone ever able to eat everything you are given at afternoon tea??? For each person there was 4 finger sandwiches, a handful of crisps, 3 scones with jam and cream, a fruit tart, 2 Scottish shortbread biscuits and squares of Victoria sandwich, bakewell tart and chocolate fridge cake.......phew!! This was half way through......


.We also took one of the open top bus tours and stopped for a look around The Royal Yacht Britannia. What fascinated me was the complete lack of glitz. Not what I expected at all, the photo below is the Queens own cabin which as you can see is very plain and down to earth. Apparently she turned down the first set of interiors as "too fussy" in favour of something far more simple. Now the "jollies" are over it's back to business and I have a lot of days set aside over the coming weeks for bead making so watch this space....and the website of course!


  1. Hey Helen, welcome to the world of blogging! I agree it is going to be a lot less time consuming but.....on the other hand maybe not, it's so addictive!!! ;o) Love your creations and can't wait for more to appear!

    Happy Birthday too :o)

    Take care xxxx