Friday, 30 October 2009

Mojito Madness

My favourite cocktail at the moment, thanks to my eldest step daughter ;-) is a Mojito. For those who don't know it's a refreshing drink with a base of Bacardi, lots of lime and fresh mint, a bit of sugar and lemonade and poured over crushed ice. Well that's how I do it anyway. Imagine my delight when a popular glass manufacturer produced a load of new colours calling one of them Mojito! I had to get some of course. It is a lovely apple green and yesterday I had fun making these.

Tomorrow as you know is halloween and as I love to cook as well as bead I will be busy in the kitchen as we are having friends around for dinner. I didn't realise that Halloween was originally an Irish festival and one of the most traditional Irish dishes to have on Halloween is Colcannon which I love. It's a real good old fashioned comfort food and so the menu is pretty much along those lines....comfort food. We have dusted off the Karaoke machine so if we feel brave enough we may even give that a bash. Have a good weekend x

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