Friday, 13 November 2009

Laura Sparling Day

How lucky was I? Last Saturday I spent the whole day with a lovely group of ladies learning tricks of the trade from Laura Sparling, one of my favourite UK lampworkers. We all met at Fireworks Studio in Bristol. Georgina and John were perfect hosts and I can thoroughly recommend checking them out, especially the included lunch made by John!

Laura herself was a joy to watch and work with and I feel I made real progress with my beads under her expert guidance. An example of which can be seen in the 2 photographs below. The first picture is my latest hand shaped heart bead which I am really pleased with and hangs proudly around my neck as I type. The second picture is the very first so called heart shaped bead I ever made.......oh dear!!!
I have also been busy filling a custom order for my stretchy bracelets and decided to take a photo of them altogether. I am rather chuffed with this picture and am going to update my website home page with it as I feel it best represents the work I am producing at the moment. Hope you like it too.

I'm still working hard to get stock of beads and jewellery onto the website in time for Christmas shopping!


  1. Aw - thank you for all your kind words, Helen. I'm pleased you enjoyed the day - so did I! Your heart bead is fab and the bracelets are beautiful.

    Laura x

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments Laura, I've been sat at my PC all morning updating everything and you have just made it all worth while :-)

    Helen x