Monday, 7 November 2011

First Christmas Fair

Sorry blog followers, it's been ages I know :( It's not been because I've had no news but happily because I've been so busy :)

Saturday just gone saw me take part in my first Christmas Fair since I've been lampworking. I used to do them back in the days of Silver Elegance, my silver smithing business that I had Princes Trust funding to set up.
The foot fall was certainly very high, probably one of the busiest I've seen and after a slow start I was pleased with the days sales. I had a bit of a challenge though as I had to travel in my little 2 seater sports car (she's an old lady now but I love her to bits) so shoe horning a decent display into her whilst leaving the passenger seat free for my assistant (daughter) Megan, took some thinking about. After a few purchases (toughened glass shelf and glass cube vases to support it) and a few alterations to my previous set up this is what I came up with.

As you can see we were asked to make it "Christmassy" too.

I have dusted off my silver smithing tools recently and made some of my own toggle clasps and bails but the other day I got distracted by the desire to have a "statement piece that would set off a lentil shaped bead nicely and this is what came out of the polisher the following day.

It sits rather nicely on my neck so part of me is hoping it doesn't sell! I guess if it does I'll just have to make another!

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