Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I Won A Prize!

As mentioned in my last post, Axe Vale Festival was the next show I was due to be exhibiting at. Again the weather was lovely and that meant plenty of visitors and as I was demonstrating, I needed an assistant and so mum came to the rescue. 

Couldn't resist a little "stand selfie"

Now I knew there were prizes for the floral, craft, food and various other marquees, but had no idea there was a prize for the best outside demo stand. So you can imagine my surprise when I was told I'd won! I thought it was just the certificate but no, there was a tasty cash prize too which was very much appreciated.
The judges said they'd felt I was explaining really clearly what I was doing and engaging with the visitors. As a child, one of my favourite games was pretending to be a Blue Peter presenter whenever I was making anything, which as the creative sort was quite often. I'd talk through what I was doing to the cat or dog (not myself of course!) and so it seems all that practise may have had some use after all!
These are the demo beads from the 2 days.

Exeter Festival

The next event on my calendar is the lovely Exeter Craft Festival on the cathedral green. This is a curated show so a lovely standard of over 100 contemporary crafts from the West Country. There is plenty of entertainment too with dancing, music, Punch & Judy and food and even better, it's FREE ENTRY!! More details in the link above. 


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