Sunday, 22 January 2012

Naming Beads

Well the part arrived for the kiln and it's been full steam ahead since and I have been making sets of beads. For some reason my latest set made me think of carnivals and that got me thinking about finally coming up with names for all the particular styles of beads that I make. I decided to call the latest set Carnival Capers in the end - you can see them below.

I also make lots of beads like the ones below in various colour combinations:

Sometimes I use transparent glass as the base and sometimes an opaque but it's always a solid colour with no coloured core or inclusions. The decoration is all on the surface of the bead and always an opaque glass. Basically I just doodle on the beads to my hearts content and generally the doodles are dots, so this style of bead sets are going to be called Dotty Doodles.

I have another 10 days of manic bead making before the Crafts 4 Crafter's show - just need all the marketing stuff I've ordered to arrive now! I did force myself to "step away from the laptop" when I found I was hovering the mouse over the "add to basket" button to purchase a t'shirt I could stick a picture of my beads on ;)

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