Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Two Days with Astrid Riedel

This post should really have come before the birthday one but I've only just got round to taking the necessary photo's today.

Mango beads, owned by the lovely Amanda Muddimer, hosted a two day course with Astrid Riedel of Pretoria, South Africa. Astrid's style of beads are very different to mine so I was taken out of my comfort zone and forced to work in a new way which was rather refreshing. Astrid uses a variety of techniques and builds many of them into rather large focal beads that have lots of depth to them. Her use of the silver rich glasses was inspiring and I am bursting to try all sorts of things although it's not easy to get the wonderful colours that are possible. Below are the beads I made on the course and whilst I would have liked them to be more uniform in shape, overall I was pleased with my results.

Now all I need to do is take what I've learnt and come up with something original!

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