Thursday, 9 September 2010

Another "match this top please" commission.

I've been itching to show this set of beads that were made into a necklace for my most recent commission as I really love the colour combination.

The lady in question asked me to make some beads using the colours in her top. I get asked to do this a lot and as long as I'm pretty much able to do my own thing pattern wise I enjoy the challenge. It gets me using colour palettes that perhaps I would normally overlook although sometimes the chosen colours will react badly with each other and blur or split. Sometimes the reactions can be used to my advantage and others I add a nice layer of clear glass to keep them apart.
Below are some more "match this top please" beads and jewellery I have done. If you have a favourite top or dress and would like a unique set of beads or jewellery to match the drop me a line.

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