Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bountiful Harvest.

OK, so it's not beads but I'm as proud of this trug of veg as I am of some of my beads as it's all home grown and was waiting for me on the return from my camping holiday in sunny Cornwall- and yes it was actually sunny! If you like the look of the gorgeous trug you can find it at Vanilla Coast along with a host of other goodies ;-)

You can see two varieties of courgettes, two varieties of cucumber, tay berries, Victoria Plums and runner beans. The runner beans were polished off for lunch by me and my son Ben (a junk food eating 15 year old!) with plenty of black pepper and butter...yummy :-D

I have a few appointments to get out of the way on Monday and Tuesday and then I have my longed for peace and quiet (kids away) to finally get some serious bead making done.

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