Saturday, 27 February 2010

Chocoholics Dream AKA My Daughters Birthday Cake.

I'm not actually a massive fan of chocolate these days but I know a lot of you guys are and my daughter Megan definitely is!

Yesterday was her 13th birthday and I can't believe my youngest is now a teenager!! As I said, she adores chocolate and the Lindor round truffles by Lindt are her favourite. I used a fab Mary Berry recipe called "Death by Chocolate" for the sponge and then at Megan's request, sandwiched and covered it with chocolate butter icing. I then added my own touch by rolling in chocolate crumbs and covering the top with Lindor chocs. Et voila!!!
Having said I'm not a chocolate fan, it was rather yummy if I say so myself! Rather annoyingly, the dog thought it was good too!!! Yes, the little b****r helped himself to a few large bites before I caught him with his paws on the table. I don't think he'll try it again!
Bead wise I am rapidly catching up with all my orders and have a nice clear week of beading ahead so I am hoping to finally get some stock onto the website at some point.
Have a good weekend peeps xx


  1. Woah! That's one heck of a cake. Looks LUSH!

  2. Thanks Laura, baking is another of my passions. I mustn't do it too often these days as my hubby is diabetic. I get accused of trying to finish him off because he just can't resist cake!!